Ready to Rock - a "condensed" version shown for the photo, with a 3/4 hp generator, held by the inventor, Doug Selsam.

Here are the blades of a 20 inch diameter turbine, that produces about half a kilowatt. They will be mounted on a shaft that projects for a long distance forward, and backward, at an angle from horizontal, so that the wind encounters the rotors like a stairway. Each additional rotor brings more power. The combined output from all these small rotors really adds up. This Turbine Utilizes Massive Parallel Wind Processing (MPWP) to maximize the wattage generated for a turbine of a given diameter.

The New Turbine is flown in Tehachapi, mounted to a Tower by Brent Scheibel, of General Electric Wind and owner of

Well, it's up and running, with data being logged. Not doing too badly on the first day. The winds are averaging in the teens, sometimes high teens, gusts in the low 20's. The faster it turns, the smoother it runs. With 18" diameter rotors, we're putting out a varying current running between 100 and 200 watts. At 30 mph we get about 400 watts.

Brent Scheibel,, His wife, Teri, with their dog Ezra, and Doug Selsam, windmill is seen in background

This is the test team, Brent Scheibel, who handles Anemometry over at Zond / Enron Wind - now General Electric Wind Energy, and runs, His wife Teri, their dog Ezra, who barks at windmills, and Doug Selsam, the inventor. Brent really knows his windmills, from the biggest to the smallest, and handles large towers with ease.

The Sky Serpent, flying alongside Brent Scheibel of's SWWP 900 watt turbine. Enron (now G.E.) Wind Farm barely visible in background

Row after row of clean-turning turbine blades adorn the landscape... pretty cool.
U.S. Patent Number 6,616,402 and other patents pending including international (PCT)

As evening falls, the sky serpent flies on...

and on into the night, what adventures await...
U.S. Patent Number 6,616,402 and other patents pending including international (PCT)

The car headlight at Doug's feet is 50 watts The rotor size is only fourteen inches! Wind speed in the 20's mph (more rotors produce more power)

The inventor, Doug Selsam, testing a small prototype of an entirely new class of wind turbines

More Rotors = More Power: Multiple Rotors deliver more power, at a faster speed, for less weight

An easy 200 watts in about a 20 mph wind or so, lighting the four 50 watt car
headlight bulbs you see at Doug’s feet. We get much more power than this in
higher winds. This kind of power output is unheard of for an 18" diameter
horizontal axis windmill! – the secret? Multi-Rotor technology, made possible
by the strength of modern carbon fiber materials.
This rotor is really thirteen rotors harnessed as one, giving an order of
magnitude (~10 times) more power than a single rotor design of the same diameter.
In stronger winds this prototype blows out these lights like flashbulbs - poof!

14 inch rotors lighting a 50 watt car headlight. More rotors = more power! So balanced it's comfortable to hold right in your hand - and very easy on the bearings!