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Michael Sanchez -Children of the wind

Dayna Walker's Research - Top Canadian Science Fair Winner:

Joe Zingali - Owner - J & Z Products / Zinger Propeller

Brent Scheibel  - Professional Anemometry

Jeff Jean, Jim Leslie, Lee, Juan Mendoza, Alex Ruiz - Advanced Composite Products and Technology

John Supp - Southwest Windpower - Well-Designed and World-Renowned Wind Turbines

Kyle Wetzel - Aerodynamicist

Paul Gipe - Author and Tester

Hugh Piggott - Author, Wind Turbine Designer, Builder, and Advocate

Ron Green  - Thermodyne Systems - Affordable Wind Turbines

Kurt and Ingrid Degener - Carbon Tube Fabricators

Michael Sanchez - Photorealistic Renderings and website design
Michael is an Engineer and can be reached by e-mail at
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Randy Philpot, Dan Buckmiller, Jerry, Dennis at
Advanced Composites of Salt Lake City, Utah

Raphael Aguirre of Aguirre Machine in Fullerton, CA
and thanks to the many others who have helped as well.