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We feel that people have been paying too much for speakers, for too long!  Key contacts in the speaker-building industry have made us privy to how much the brand-name speakers you buy at the "store" actually cost to manufacture.  At Factory Direct, we specialize in locating great bargains due to overproduction or shifts in marketing plans.  We have a lot less overhead than the stores, so we can give you a better price.   The fewer hands a product must go through between the factory and you, the less you pay!
Enter the Internet.  And notice that people often spell that with a capital "I".  The Internet can take over for the "store" by making knowledge of the availability of the product instantly accessible to the consumer, and by easily transmitting the consumer's decision to buy the product to the point of manufacture.  The product is shipped once.  Directly to you.   And you get the good deal.  The FactoryDirect good deal!   This is a taste of the future.  The way everyone will shop in the next millenium.  The wave has arrived at the shore, and you're riding the crest.   Thanks for saving with us!

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P.S.  We're located in Southern California, which is, for many reasons, including climate, proximity to ports, and readily available labor, the world capital of loudspeaker manufacture. It doesn't hurt that we're also the entertainment capital of the world, as speaker design specs become more thoroughly integrated with film soundtrack advances.   We deal directly with some of the largest speaker factories in the world, ones that routinely turn out the brands that you're accustomed to seeing and paying too much for in stores.  We ship from the factory floor direct to your door, with no stops in between, saving you a bundle!  Let us save you money on your next set of speakers or even an entire entertainment center!

A customer recently wrote:

To whom it may concern:

I recently decided that I should get some new speakers, because my old
ones are well old, and I went online and found your website which contained your acoustic technology line. The price sounds appealling and the speakers look good, so I decided to read up a little on the brand but I have not for the life of me been able to find any information about the company and its history on the web or anywhere else for that matter. If it is possible please send me some info or a URL about the company that makes the speakers, because i would like to make an informed purchase decision for my next set of speakers. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, (Name withheld to protect privacy)

Dear Ben:
The reason you don't hear about them is they're a "house brand"
That is, they come from a large manufacturer, who normally
turns out speakers for several different brands. To buy those "big brands"
you have to go thru some authorized store, who has to get them thru some "authorized
distributor" who has to pay a lot more for them than they're really worth. Why so much?
Because of the cost of maintaining that "brand name". -The advertising for a company like
Bose, for example, often costs them more than their manufacturing!
Think about it: the reason everyone goes around talking about them all the time, is because
they're barraged by advertising. Bose knows that what you think your friends think when you
say you bought Bose will be more important to you, the eternally manipulated average
consumer, than the actual sound. Just think, people can be impressed with how cool you are
with your new stereo, without even having to have them over to hear it. Every one at work -
"yah I got me one o them there Bo-zay systems or whatever you call it over the weekend."
And that if people are told over and over that something sounds good, very few would want
to be the one to stand up and say "The emporer has no clothes." Therefore they know you
won't mind footing the bill for all that advertising and public relations work. And all the
lawyers, printers, parking lots, showrooms, office buildings, billboards, and secretaries
with their pension plans and screaming kids and 3weeks of paid vacations a year will be
financed by you, the unwary consumer.
Caught up in your own frantic and desperate life, fighting one fire after another, you don't
have time to become an expert in speaker design, manufacturing, and marketing, to know
what is truly a good sound for the price. And you couldn't be expected to know that the art
and science of speaker-building is a very mature and well-known technology, with most of
the "innovations" being only cosmetic - that the strangely twisted shape in the middle of the
new "stealth grey" plastic woofer that you saw at the store is just a gimmik and doesn't affect
the sound except probably in a deleterious way, meaning the company could then spend that
much less on the actual "guts" of the driver. That the materials used from brand to brand are
the same "medium density fiberboard with bonded black ash vinyl finish", from the same
mill, with the same grain. Or that "made in USA" means that real Mexicans, in real U.S.
factories, using real Asian components and real Canadian forest products, really zap together
the same exact speakers, throwing a different brand name sticker on at the end to determine
what route it will take to get to you. And you, the ever unwary consumer, being led to the
corporate trough by the machinery of marketing, can't be expected to make a study of how the
"Review" type magazines operate - to find that they only write articles on companies who
advertise with them, making their whole supposedly objective publication really nothing but
a slick advertising brochure financed by who? Yes that's right, the "collection plate" is
passed once again under your nose.
But these same U.S. manufacturers often have one or more "house brands" that are
completely unadvertised. Knowledgeable people, "insiders" such as professional sound
installers, musicians, recording engineers, etc. will buy enough of these house brand
speakers that it is in the best interest of the manufacturer to make them available. The only
thing is, since they don't advertise at all, you'd never know about them unless you knew
someone who knew someone who knew who to talk to, at what company etc. Often they are
distributed by what would seem like an "underground network" to an outsider.
If you don't know someone tied into the "network", you'd just never hear about them. That's
where we come in. Through the magic of the internet we can fill the gap between the
manufacturer and the consumer, making their "house brands" available to everyone, without
a lot of extra cost to get the information to you, Because that's what the game is all about my
friend, information. And now you know who we are, what we do and why we do it the way
we do, and you can decide how much "extra" you feel like paying for your speakers. The
DL6.2's do kick ass, by the way, lot's of bass.

Thanks for shopping with us!