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Model 3311 Studio Monitors

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The ACOUSTIC model 3311  3-way Studio Monitors, featuring 12" polypropylene woofersnew.gif (26402 bytes)(New for this year: more powerful woofers (30 oz. magnet), also the gold rims you see around the midrange, tweeter, and bass port are now all-black with contoured edges to minimize diffraction!)  ONLY $219.50 a PAIR!!!      order7a.gif (1166 bytes)
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The Acoustic 3311's, often sold for hundreds more, are one of the most popular models in the world, and for good reason:  They have proven that an excellent response curve can be attained in a professional quality studio monitor without costing as much as a small ranch!  Powerful, punchy bass and silky smooth highs make these an excellent choice for the mixdown booth, home recording studio, home theater system, nightclub, and indeed, most stereo systems.

The sturdy and very handsome black-ash woodgrain cabinets will definitely compliment any living space!   Each Acoustic 3311 Studio Monitor is equipped with both midrange and treble attenuation controls, allowing you to tune them individally to the room. This custom feature enables a near-perfect match to any listening environment, even an asymmetrical one! We prefer a placement of two to three feet above the floor. Good results can also be attained mounting your 3311's at the top of a wall, just a few inches from the ceiling, angled downward 15 to 20 degrees. (The generic stands shown in the photo are not included.)

A Rock-Solid, Guaranteed Good Deal!
These fine loudspeakers are pleasing both sonically and aesthetically, and have often been observed to make even an average system sound much better than would have been thought possible! Often sold for $$hundreds more, these are, through a special arrangement, available to you right now from FactoryDirect for the incredible price of only $219.50 per pair! Add $29.50 for Packing, Shipping and Handling for a total, delivered to your door price of only $249 per pair!   order7a.gif (1166 bytes)
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SENSITIVITY:    92 dB/w/m
CONTROLS:       2 individual, midrange and high-frequency
FREQUENCY:      35-21,000 Hz
IMPEDANCE:      8 ohms
TERMINALS:      Red and Black, press-insert-release
                (use regular speaker wire)
MINIMUM POWER:  5 watts (full dynamic range achieved)
MAXIMUM POWER:  125 watts rms 
DRIVERS:        12" polypropylene woofer with 30 oz. magnet
                5" ferrofluid-cooled paper cone midrange
                with individual protective steel grill
                3" ferrofluid-cooled paper cone tweeter
                with individual protective steel grill
CABINET:        Industry-standard 5/8" MDF (Sonically inert) 
                w/bonded woodgrain finish
FINISH:         Black-ash
DIMENSIONS:     27" high x 15" wide x 12" deep
WEIGHT:         35 lbs. each / 70 lbs. pair
SHIP WEIGHT:    40 lbs. each / 80 lbs. pair
ORIGIN:         Made in U.S.A.
WARRANTY:       Manufacturer's 2 year, full parts and labor

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Model 3311 Studio Monitors
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